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State of Alabama v. ACLU
Supreme Court of the State of Alabama (1997)


The American Jewish Congress is an organization of American Jewish founded in 1918 to protect the political, civil, economic and religious interests of American Jew It has taken a particular interest in the separation of church and state, filing briefs amicus curiae in most of the leading church-state cases decided by the federal and state courts over the last half-century.

Americans United for Separation of Church and State is a national nonsectarian public interest organization committed to preserving the constitutional principles of religious liberty and separation of church and state. Since its founding in 1947, Americans United has participated either as a party or as amicus in many of the leading church and state cases decided by the US. Supreme Court. Americans United is composed of approximately 50,000 members nationwide and maintains active chapters in several states. Americans United Members adhere to various religious faiths, with some holding no religious affiliation. They are united, however in their commitment to the long-standing American principle of church-state separation.

People for the American Way (People For) is a nonpartisan, education oriented citizen's organization established to promote and protect civil and constitutional rights, including First Amendment freedoms. Founded in 1980 by a group of religious, civic and educational leaders devoted to our nation's heritage of tolerance, pluralism and liberty, People For now has over 310,000 members nationwide. People For has frequently represented parties and filed amicus curiae briefs in litigation seeking to defend First Amendment rights and promote effective public education, including cases concerning the separation of church and state. People For has joined in filing this amicus brief in order to help vindicate the important First Amendment principles at stake in this case, particularly the principle that government should not directly support or become unduly entangled with religion.

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